Richmond School District #38

Elementary ELL/ESL Guidelines

Written and Edited by the Elementary ELL Guidelines Committee

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide:
  • an understanding of who ELL students are and basic information about second language acquisition;
  • suggestions for the reception, placement, orientation and support of elementary ELL students;
  • information and sample strategies for providing ELL support and creating a successful ELL learning environment;
  • effective instructional strategies, lessons and activities specific to ELL students with varying levels of language proficiency;
  • suggestions for the assessment and evaluation of ELL student learning and progress;
  • information and suggestions on the management of ELL student documents and meeting the Ministry's requirements;
  • suggestions of resources in print, audio, web, and community;
  • consistency and clarity across the district.

This document is intended to assist teachers of ELL students, both experienced and new, in supporting their work. The contents are intended to provide you with descriptive, not necessarily prescriptive, information and resources. There are many different circumstances within our district, from schools with small, stable ESL populations with one ELL teacher to schools with large, rapidly growing ELL populations with several resource teachers. Therefore, ELL support will look different from school to school.

The online format is used as this document is intended to be revisited and revised on a regular basis. You are encouraged to use the sections to best fit the circumstances at your school.

Not all areas of your work in supporting ELL learners is included here. Your input on what additional information should be included is welcomed. Please contact any member of the Guidelines Committee with suggestions.

The sections of the contents are clearly labelled for easy access. Verbiage has been kept to a minimum with the assumption that this will assist in keeping the document accessible and of practical value.

ELL Guidelines Committee Members and Writers:

Theresa Dow, Blair Elementary
John Kibblewhite, Cook Elementary
Diane Tijman, Richmond School District
Steve Wenglowski, Diefenbaker Elementary and Dixon Elementary

Diane Tijman
District Curriculum Coordinator - ELL and Multiculturalism

Note: In parts of this document, you will see the term ELL (English Language Learners/Learning). The term "ELL" is used in many parts of North America because for many of our students, English is not their second language but rather their third or fourth. In recognition of this, the Ministry of Education made this change of terminology in 2011. The terms are considered synonymous in the context of this wiki but we will be changing over to ELL as we update the wiki.

November, 2013